Where Are You?

Located upstairs in Dorchester Aesthetics Centre (DAC), the Isha Studio offers a private room for your discretion.  Google can helpwith directions in this map.

How Do I Make an Appointment?
Bookings are typically by appointment only to prevent disappointment and to guarantee a time. Please book online here.  Full or part payment is required to secure your time slot.  You can read more on what to expect from your piercing appointment here.

Is There a Waiting Area?
Upstairs at DAC, the waiting area is home to comfy sofas and refreshments.  There is also a small display of high end pieces from the Isha Body Jewellery range.  These are all suitable for use within new piercings and can be implanted during the piercing procedure.  Please contact us for more information.

What is your Training & Experience?
The Isha Studio is adorned with images taken from Emma's portfolio and all training certificates are displayed for viewing.  Additional images of her work can be viewed in the gallery.  For more information on her background in piercing click here.  Emma ensures of annual training in emergency first aid, mental health first aid, blood bourne pathogens and attendance at the UKAPP conference.

Can I Bring a Friend?
Unless the client is aged under 18, chaperones are not usually encouraged.  This way the client is given 100% focus throughout the appointment. 

Will it Hurt?
The sensation of being pierced is subjective - it depends on the client's state of mind, fatigue, health, and their level of comfort/ease with the process.  All piercings are felt - but it's never as bad as most people anticipate!

Body piercing is a quick process and Emma will strive to ensure her clients are put at ease.  This is an important part of the experience and can make the whole journey far more pleasant.  It is advisable to have eaten within the previous four hours and to avoid caffeine beforehand.

Health & Hygiene
The piercing procedure is performed using aseptic techniques.  All piercing implements used are single-use and disposed of after use. Isha Studio works as a disposable studio for your reassurance and to prevent any possible chance of cross-contamination. 


This is extremely important to follow to ensure a happy healing piercing and prevent irritation, allergy or worse, infection.  We only recommend NeilMed Sterile Saline Spray on skin piercings and this is available online or for a discounted cost for all Piercees.  Read our advice here