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Outback Organics Post Wax Spray 100ml

    Outback Organics Post Wax Spray 100ml - Isha Studio UK
    Outback Organics Post Wax Spray 100ml - Isha Studio UK
    Outback Organics Post Wax Spray 100ml - Isha Studio UK
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    Waxing can leave skin feeling sore, and unsightly spots may develop in the days following treatment. 

    This Post-Wax Spray helps treat common complaints that occur after waxing and shaving. Aloe vera and cucumber extracts are blended with Australian bush mint and menthol to cool and calm the skin, while the antibacterial effects of lemon myrtle oil protect against irritation by supporting the skin's natural defences. 

    How to Use:
    Used on legs, back or underarms straight after waxing, it helps prevent ingrown hairs developing and can be used at home for up to five days following treatment.

    Suitable for sensitive skin

    Outback Organics boast a range of botanical products containing organic fruits and plants ethically sourced from Australia. All products are free from synthetics and harsh chemicals, cruelty-free and are suitable for those adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. The natural ingredients found within the Outback Organics range are suitable for those with sensitive skin and the spray, serum and creams are gentle enough to be used straight after waxing. 

    The Outback Organics range is far superior to standard competitors.  Not only do the waxes encapsulate the hair perfectly, they do not adhere to the skin.  This not only increases the comfort of all wax treatments but also minimises the redness afterwards.  Why not book a wax and see for yourself?  The cleansers, lotions and aftercare products are bursting with moisture from the deeply nourishing macadamia nut oil to beautifully fragrant notes of tea tree; nature's strongest known antiseptic.  These treatments will not only look good, they will smell and feel good too!