Isha Studio offers a private room for your discretion.  Bookings are typically by appointment only to prevent disappointment and to guarantee a time.

The waiting area contains comfy sofas, refreshments and small display of high end pieces from the Isha Body Jewellery range.  Please contact us for more information.

The wall of Isha Studio is adorned with waxing and other training certificates which are displayed for viewing.

Unless the client is aged under 18, chaperones are not usually encouraged.  This way the client is given our 100% focus throughout the appointment.

Wax hair removal is a quick process and Emma will strive to ensure her clients are put at ease.  This is an important part of the experience and can make the whole journey far more pleasant.  It is advisable to have eaten within the previous four hours and to avoid caffeine beforehand.

All wax treatments are performed under hygienic conditions.  Wooden spatulas are dipped once in the wax, applied to the skin and then disposed. This ensures the wax stays 100% clean and prevents any cross contamination between clients.  Whilst likelihood of contamination is low, this method is considered best practice by Habia, the Government appointed Hair and Beauty Industry Authority.

Still uncertain?  Read our client reviews here.