Why Wax?
Waxing removes hair from the root. The area will remain hair free for up to two weeks.  The new hair will look lighter, have a fine tapered end and will feel softer to the touch.  Over time, less hair will appear and treatments will only be required every 4-6 weeks. 

Smooth hair-free skin feels clean and hygienic and is a fabulous way to enhance muscle definition!

Can Anyone Be Waxed?
For standard wax treatments, all clients must be aged over 16, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Clients must be aged over 18 for intimate waxing.

There are some conditions and prescribed medications that prevent or restrict wax treatments such as diabetes, epilepsy, hypersensitive skin, raised moles, new scar tissue less than 6 months old), oedema, phlebitis, poor circulation, prescribed medicine, psoriasis, skin diseases, sunburn, undiagnosed lumps and bumps or varicose veins..  Where this is the case, waxing may damage the skin, cause infection or aggravate a condition and may require G.P. consent.  Please contact us first before booking.

Clients using Accutane must avoid wax treatments anywhere on the body.  The skin will take six months to return to normal after discontinuing use and only then will it be safe to wax!  Products such as AHA Skincare, Glycolic Acid & Retin A weaken and thin the skin and facial waxing must be avoided.

All wax treatments are performed using Outback Organics depilatory products - these are both hypoallergenic and vegan.  The aftercare products are available to purchase in the studio on online.  More information on this will be provided during your appointment.

Emma is has been trained by Kim Lawless; Britain's top female wax specialist AKA The Wax Queen!  Her background can be found here. The highly acclaimed Kim Lawless technique is applied to all intimate waxing.  There is no other method of waxing that is as effective or painless in this area and only peelable hot wax is used! You wait until you see the results; the sensation, skin reaction and recovery bears no comparison to the outdated strip wax method.

Emma is Axiom Certified and has been trained by Andy Rouillard; Britain's top male waxing specialist AKA The Wax Daddy.  More and more men are opting for the smooth look and Emma has clients that she has known and treated for many years now.  Male waxing is a specialism and much knowledge must be gained in the hair growth and wax application on the male physique.  Waxing thoroughly enhances the visual of muscle definition and back and chest waxes are by far her most popular booking.  

Book Your Treatment
Treatments are available from head to toe for both ladies and gentlemen, so please view the available treatments here for a full breakdown. Discounts are given to combination bookings.  Online payment is required to confirm the booking.  This may be 50% deposit or full payment.  Card payments are accepted in the studio for paying the remainder after the appointment.

The Appointment
Prior to the day, please ensure you have exfoliated and moisturised the area.  Upon arriving for your wax, please state to the Receptionist your name and time of booking with Emma.  There is no need to divulge what treatment you are having. This is for your discretion.

Full aftercare advice will be explained and handed out after the treatment.  It is highly recommended that you care for your skin post waxing to prevent in-growns and this can be done simply through exfoliation and moisturising every few days! For more information see our Aftercare Advice.